Zimmer NexGen Knee Lawsuit

Our team of Zimmer lawsuit knee replacement lawyers is currently representing individuals and families of patients affected by the FDA recall of certain component pieces. A number of people throughout the United States have received a knee replacement that may be affected by the 2010 recall of knee components. Certain patients have suffered from the side effects of an  implant used during their knee surgery due to  problems with knee components. Unfortunately, many people don’t know if a knee was implanted during their surgery that contained recalled components.

We can help you how to find out if you were given a recalled knee replacement component and help you understand your legal rights in filing a Zimmer knee lawsuit if you suffer from knee surgery complications or if you have unpaid medical bills, time lost from work or have to undergo a revision surgery.

We believe that the manufacturer of Zimmer’s NexGen knee replacement device should be held accountable for any harm they are legally responsible for and patients should be fairly compensated for their damages. Patients suffering from a knee failure have had their lives changed in a number of ways including:

• Unpaid medical bills
• Lost wages
• Emotional suffering
• Permanent injuries
• Likliehood of future revision surgeries
• Loss of their quality of life

If you or a loved one is subject to the FDA knee recall involving the tibial components or has suffered from undergoing an additional surgery because of a knee implant failure, you may have important legal rights. We have lawyers dedicated to helping knee recall surgery patients who have been affected by the FDA recall.

Our Zimmer knee replacement lawyers are available to speak to you if you or a family member is part of the FDA recall and had the knee replacement implanted during surgery. Whether you need help finding out if the recalled implant was used during surgery or want to discuss your legal options we are ready to help.

Patients and families nationwide have looked at filing a Zimmer knee lawsuit claims based on problems with the implants and problems associated with an additional surgery. The lawsuits claim that the manufacturer was negligent in several ways including:

• failing to adequately warn consumers of unreasonable and dangerous failure rate
• failing to conduct adequate pre-market testing and post-marketing studies to determine the safety and side effects of the component pieces
• failing to use ordinary care in designing, testing and manufacturing component pieces

How We Can Help

Our team of attorneys is currently helping people throughout the United States who have been affected by the Zimmer NexGen knee component recall for the tibial plate component with filing claims.  If you received a knee implant and either have or will need to undergo revision surgery due to problems including loosening of the implant or knee failure, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

There is a limited time to file a claim. Please contact us at your earliest convenience for a confidential, no-obligation consultation. It costs nothing to talk to us about your case. We are here to listen, offer our advice and help you determine what your legal options are. If you decide to pursue a claim, there are never any fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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